Some things are better left to the imagination...

This is a rant, triggered by an event on the afternoon of Monday the 25th of October, at approximately 4:15pm.

T & I have been on a worldwide crusade to stop the horror that is tights as pants.  Sure they may be acceptable in certain circumstances (dancing, sporting activities, renaissance fairs, dress-up parties), but how far is too far when it comes to incorporating the humble legging into general every-day wear?

Here are some of our self-imposed rules so that we (a) do not cause offence with a nasty visual assault of jiggly thighs/wedgies/creeping camel-toe attacks, and (b) set a respectable example to the younglings of the world by being properly attired at most times.

1.  If you run out of pants and must wear tights, cover your ass with something - be it a long t-shirt, or heaven-forbid, a skirt or shorts.  

2.  If you find yourself thinking "gee, I think I'd like to wear tights-as-pants today!", repeat this thrice: I AM NOT LINDSAY LOHAN
(And we're not sure why you'd really want to be her either...) 

3. Brightly coloured panties + black tights = things no-one really wanted to know

xx TightsarenotpantS


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