My Latest Loot Part 5- October

The end of Buy Nothing New month has come, as T said in the post below and boy am I happy. I didn't think it would be difficult at all, but surprisingly it was! The funny thing is that instead of rushing out to buy something new, I'm actually more hesitant to buy new things now. The past month has shown me how much money we waste/use/splurge on new things!!

Here is my final installment of not-new purchases:

1. Green silk dress from the Fusion clothing market day. 
I. Love. Sheer. Silk.
(See below for more proof)

2. Pink silk singlet from a Subiaco op shopping rampage with T!! 
It's not what I'd usually go for, but will look nice with a black blazer & heels & black leggings. ONLY JOKING! Pants, of course.

3. Sheer floral shirt also from Subiaco rampage. I came away with 4 items for under $8!!

4. Pink silk shirt from Op shop in Dunsborough/Busselton.
 This shirt is not strictly mine. My mother dear bought it down south, but I have since claimed joint ownership. Coincidentally, it functions as a nice filter for the camera!
*Stalker alert!!*
And so continues the life of S: collecting piece after piece of impractical, easily-ruined, sheer, hand-wash-only, delectable clothing.

xx S

PS: The gingerfox kindly reposted our photos of T's awesome new (to her) ring, go and take a look! Thanks April Rose for letting us know!


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