The annual makeover

Every year, once exams are finished my room comes out looking suitably trashed with small mountains of books, scrap paper lining the floor, and my "comfy" (read: daggy) clothes hung up haphazardly.  Thus the annual clean-up and re-arranging of furniture happens.
This year I decided to pick up a new book case, since my old one was starting to die under the weight of my textbooks.  So mother dearest and I went on an adventure to Ikea and found the one in the pictures below.  (there was a perfect one at another furniture store, only $600+ dearer and made out of MDF as well.  And I refuse to pay $800 for MDF - I used to work at Bunnings of all places, so I know what that stuff is worth!)  

Here's the finished product of an afternoon of DIY-cabinet-making, a morning of re-sticking photos onto my wardrobe, and a few minutes of banging picture hooks into the wall.  I also cleaned the inside of my closet, but that has skeletons in it so I wont show you ;)  (quite literally actually.  I am a crazy med student after all)
The daily essentials (I'll be starting a daily photo diary next year!  Let's hope I can keep it up...)

xx T


  1. It looks gorgeous! Very beautiful :D

  2. I love the bookcase, I need one of these for my room! It looks so cute, and so very organised. :D

    In summary, I want your room. Haha.


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