Day Trippin'

Today my friends (minus S) and I went to the Swan Valley for some gastronomic fun times - after meeting up at Bec's house, we drove into the valley to stop at a few places to feed our faces.
Then we cuddled the cuddly animals at the Cuddly Animal Farm (too cute) after which I hightailed it home whilst the rest went on to play a round of Supa Golf.

I always enjoy the long drive to Bec's house, cutting through the Swan Valley.  There's just something so peaceful and lovely about wine country and the hills that start to pop up as you get further away from the coast.  To be honest, I'm not quite the country person at heart - I thrive on the hustle and bustle of city life, and I like having everything I need close by.  But I do relish the serene beauty of being out of town, whether it be in small doses (such as a day trip to the Swan Valley - not very rural per se) or in vast amounts (like our drive across Australia to Melbourne - so much to take in!).

I haven't done a photo-journal entry for a little while, so here's some shots from my day's adventures!  Whilst I was hoping to use the D90, I ended up shooting with my D60 using the 50mm f1.8 lens with which auto-focus (with that lens) is incompatible (so I was in struggle town from time to time), but most of the shots came out pretty well I might say!    

Our trip was all thanks to Bec, who organised the whole lot!  
You can check out here blog here and see some of her illustrations here.
Mmmm baked ricotta at Mondo Nougat...
Houghton Winery - perfect for that picnic you're waiting for
My Nikon buddy Dylan
Honey and beer!
Scrummy German feast at Elmar's
Followed by some fooling around with German hats...
Then on to the cuddly animals!!

Hope you've had a wonderful day too!

xx T


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