Christmas at my house...

Is a little different from everyone's traditional family gatherings!  
Of course, we begin by waking up early to open presents (9am this year - for once my brother and I weren't awake at 5am).
(some euros and pounds for our trip to London and Paris in exactly one week!!)

Fair enough, we do have a traditional lunch (ham, turkey, yum!)...  This year Simon and his mother came over to help us eat it all!
Oh cherries, how I've missed you...

But the Christmas dinner with the rest of the extended family is the real deal which everyone eagerly descends on our household for!  
A satay FEAST!

How do you and your family celebrate Christmas?

xx T

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  1. oh the photos are simply delectable!
    sounds like great fun. my family went to a nearby park ad had a bbq, so again not exactly typical xmas fare :)
    but we have fun. happy new year yay,



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