Feeling pink with heat!

Now that I'm back in the thick of summer, I can't wait to stock up on a new summer wardrobe! Due to severely depleted funds, I might be just adapting things I already have to the new looks or even whipping up something myself if I get around to it. Or perhaps just begging/stealing/borrowing from alternative sources.

Perfect pink, silk, draped concoction from Portmans.

I put this here, thinking I would like to buy it. Then realised I have one exactly the same!
Looks like a great elegant beach/picnic dress. At $149.95 though, I might just have to wait for the sales :( or perhaps whack out the sewing machine!
This cute retro one peice by MinkPink!! Only $99 from a new online shop called MarketHQ. The model is the adorable Annabel from LoveMore, a Sydney blog! My Christmas bathers money (from Santa) is waiting to be spent...

xx S

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