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Now for something a little more summery, since it's summer time here in sunny little Perth!  If only I had this much colour in my wardrobe already - I'd love to dress more like this at the moment.

These pieces are from J Crew's Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection, and feature some fantastically cute casual spring gear!

A simple yet lovely dress.
This photo reminds me that I have some similar pink pants that need debuting...
And I should wear them with my pink shoes like this picture!  YES!!
Tangerine brights with jacquard - my favourite material.
A fun pop of yellow.
More akin to the neutral colours I'd usually wear, but check out that lace cropped jacket!

xx T


  1. ugh those pastel pink pants are too cute. i could really see myself wearing these...but trying not to buy so many pink clothes for awhile, i think i have enough!


  2. I may have bought some lace ups for myself like the first pic...MAYBE ;)
    xx S

  3. I love J Crew :) I really like the yellow look, as well as the handbag with the last look.


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