Structural perfection

I haven't posted many photos of my outfits, but if I did more often, you'd come to realise that I am an absolute sucker for dresses with some structure to them.  Much like the ones below, which are from Carolina Herrera's Pre-Fall 2011 Collection.  (You might also have suspected that I am slightly addicted to almost anything CUE puts out.  If so, you would be correct.  Buy me CUE for Christmas, I'm a size 6)

I hadn't looked at her work before, but on one rather lazy afternoon last week I decided to check out all the new shows on the Style.com app on my iPhone, where I found this collection.  


What I love, other than all the pieces being in colours and cuts that I adore, is that the collection as a whole is simple and somewhat restrained, yet undeniably elegant.  The silhouettes look nicely balanced and her choice of prints are also lovely. 
In summary, I'd buy the whole lot.  (If I won the lottery that is.)

Drool over the rest of the collection here, at Style.com

xx T

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