Challenge ACCEPTED!

Je vais à Paris aujourd'hui!  I cannot wait to get out of this stinking humid weather (although we will be stopping in KL on the way there, so it'll be another 12 hours or so before we get to the freezing cold).

In response to S's challenge of 7kg of loot to bring back from my travels, I FORMALLY ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE GOOD SIR! (madame).  Although you did have 2 more weeks to shop than I do, and many more family members to buy presents for...  I do have an extra empty suitcase and hopefully my annual leave will be paid out by Thursday! *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I leave you, my dear readers, in the capable hands of S, whom I'm sure will do a fantastic job of keeping this little blog up to date.  I might just also pop in to say hello from time to time, whenever I find a Macdonalds and some free wifi!

I shall be in London next week sometime...  
And my brother and I have decided to take some Monopoly pieces along for some candid shots :)

Au revoir mes amies!
xx T

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  1. It's been a while since i've been on your blog! boy have I missed out I cannot wait to see this loot haul!

    Hope you girls are having fun!


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