Loot shoot #1

Here is a photo shoot to show you a snippet of the ~7ish extra kilograms weight I came back with from my travels. (Mind you, most of that was presents for my large family) 

T is leaving tomorrow *sob* for 2 weeks abroad and I officially CHALLENGE her to fill her spare extra suitcase with loot. This is the official warning that the challenge is on. I am waiting with baited breath to see what she returns with!!

 Brown ribbon lace ups from Amsterdam
Suede black pumps from London that I bought without trying. Lucky they fit!! (Triple layered socks & boots  over jeans do NOT encourage trying on)
Suede ballet flats from Montpellier (France) that I have worn every day since I returned home!

Two cute pendant necklaces from Camden markets in London. I could have bought about ten more but my self control kicked in.

Do you see the perfect nail polish that T bought me? I put it on straight away!

Do you spot the small additions to my pigs' sty dressing table?
A Dutch Christmas bauble and a little Eiffel Tower!

More to come!
xx S


  1. I adore those first shoes!!

  2. I haven't even started unpacking from my trip yet as I bought so much too! You got great things, I look forward to seeing more of what you came home with. Loving that shade of nailpolish, can I ask what brand it is so I can get some for myself? hehe :)

  3. I was looking through all your photos just now and I am very excited about heading that way tomorrow!!
    And I totally agree with you - ZARA = could buy out that store.

    It's Sportsgirl one (S might be able to tell you the name of the shade) - I love how I can usually get away with just one coat with those ones. And they dry quickly too :)

    xx T

  4. Beautiful :))))))



  5. Sportgirl ('Nail It!') Tangerine it is! It's STILL on my nails, too!! xx S

  6. omg S, Zara in Italy is just simply the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

    I was pretty much drooling as I stood in the centre of the store, too scared to touch anything, and my host mother had the nerve to say that "she doesn't like the clothes in Zara, she prefers other shops"!!! :O What is she ON?

  7. *read "presents for my large family"*
    *ears prick up*
    *eyes light up*
    --"did you say PRESENTS?"


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