DIY Louis Vuitton shoes

So I have an obsession with bows, as you may have noticed
And ever since I saw these Louis Vuitton "Beauty" pumps, I have been longing to do a DIY project on a pair of my own shoes, but alas- I didn't have any suitable!
Then I found these for £7 in London:
And I found this ribbon at home, that was used for hair in its previous life:
And made this detachable bow (wonky in this picture)...
Collected my equipment...

Work in progress

And there you have it...some glam LV-esque shoes without the $2000 price tag!!

xx S


  1. S!! I'm killing some time in KL whilst I'm waiting for the connecting flight home! Did you so happen to wander into Russell & Bromley (shoe store) in London? They had some lovely bow heels and flats that look like those LV ones! I was so tempted to get them, but I already got 2 pairs of heels from there... :) see you soon!!
    xx T

  2. Those are gorgeous! Very swish looking


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