S' Photographic Travel Diary Entry #1

Before I left, I was generously given a new digital camera for my trip from P for our xth anniversary and the pictures turned out SO well from it! I literally took thousands of photos, but (you breathe a sigh of relief) I will just put a couple from each city up here...mainly scenic shots, but- to prove they're not from google- some with me or my little sister.

Presenting: Paris and Dublin
Jardins de Tuilieres
The River Liffey
Northern Ireland countryside
The Moulin Rouge for anyone who can't spot it...
A pretty good representation of what I lived on.
View from the top of L'Arc de Triomphe
Looking cold but happy on the Champs Ellysees
Sweltering in Montpellier in nearly 10 degrees!

That's Ireland and France for you. Soon to come, more of Western Europe!! You can bet your bottom dollar that when T returns from London and Paris her shots will make mine look veeery beginner, but I'm just glad I went first :)

xx S

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