Oh Witchery, you've done it again...

Once again, I am being sucked in by Witchery publicity. First, I got an emailing about buying Marie Claire and getting some free sunnies...so off I went to buy the mag. Then, another email about free shipping came along! So now, here I am...clearly money-less and droooling over Witchery items.

Making a wishlist is one little way to satiate my Witchery cravings and to show you some of my favourite summer looks!
Crisp white
Soft, floaty, white layers for summer are much cooler than fitted outfits. There's nothing more summery than a floaty dress and sandals! (Except maybe... a bikini and a bintang singlet? Ew.)

Ladylike Drapery
This seems to follow the whites/neutrals trend as well...just like Witchery always does. I.Am.Obsessed.

Luxurious loungewear
This is not so much a summer 2011 trend as a trend that has emerged constantly in recent years. I think people are starting to realise (well I am) that you don't have to look disgusting/wear PJs to be comfortable!
This is like an elegant onesie...and is on sale, I'm so tempted!
Ladylike footwear
Shoes like these go well with the 50s/60s glamorous and ladylike look that everyone loves at the moment!

One day I'll learn how to do a cool collage (any tips? apart from the usual cut and paste), but for now a list like above will have to do!! I will update you when/if I purchase one of the above beauties.

I hope 2011 is treating you well :)

xx S

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