Busting at the Seams

Do you ever find you have HEAPS of clothes (i.e. wardrobe bursting at the seams), but still manage to lack a few key items?  It is the bane of my existence.  I suppose life's good when that's your biggest current problem...

Along the lines of my latest idea called 'targeted shopping' - only buying what you set out to buy - I have decided to make a list of what I am allowed to buy this winter.

S' List
1. Chunky heeled black ankle boots like these (pic from thischicksgotstyle)
2. A dark coloured cape/swing coat that actually holds up against the weather
3. Chunky, baggy & comfortable knit - I have too many fine v necks!
Either of these Zara ones would do me just fiiiine...
4. Some socks to peep out of my burgeoning boot collection
5. Something velvet, like this skirt below - such a cute wintery addition!
(pic via vanessajackman)
6. Some black tights that are BLACK and not NAVY masquerading as black
Grr this is a pet hate of mine. Does anyone know of a reliable tights brand?
If not, I'm going to Asos (solver of all fashion dilemmas)

T's winter wish list is coming very shortly to a laptop near you...

xx S


  1. I spent the whole day complaining about my wardrobe. I have no staple items to mix and match, except my jeans which due to shit weather im still unable to wear :(

    I LOVE the red velvet skirt...

  2. Oh gosh I know about the tights! Like those "Voodoo - Black Magic" ones that they used to sell at the uniform shop. I always figured they were called "Black Magic" because the black was magically navy.

  3. Try sportsgirl for black tights. I Love them :)

    p.s. i like your blog.


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