Woooo it's Friday!! Time to go "off duty" chic...

(Got a bit sick of learning about sick people the other night, so I decided to do another potential-outfit collage...)

As a lazy sod, when I go out on the weekend I tend to keep my outfits relatively simple.  However I do find it's better when I mix some of my boring stuff with some of my less-boring stuff, just to maintain the illusion that I am a stylish person.

So here we have an outfit post, inspired by these J Brand jeans which I saw and immediately decided I must have.  Funds permitting. (therefore not any time soon).

Aren't they divine?  I love red!!
Roll them up and make them cuffed to emulate a bit of Isabel Marant.

From that, I would pop on a neutral top (like the one above by American Vintage) as to not burn the retinas of the people around me.

Then I'd chuck all my junk into a bag - I've been hunting around (for ages!) for: 1. a black bag, and 2. a bucket bag.  This DVF beauty indeed fulfils both criteria, and therefore would be a potential purchase (again, funds permitting.  So not in the forseeable future...).  It also has some dinky tassels - bonus! ^_^

Add to that some animal-print shoes - thank you D&G.  I like mixing leopard (in this case 'ocelot') print with red because it's punchy and fun!

Last but not least, a simple black belt.  Because you can't tuck your top into your pants without one.  (or so you really shouldn't in my reasoning).  One like this does well, and the gold hard-ware will look great with the animal-print and red (but won't be too much as to assume the appearance of a gaudy-looking tramp - huzzah!).

Thanks, My-Wardrobe, for being my biggest procrastination tool of the week.

And Happy Easter readers!  
I hope you have a relaxing time away from work (if you were lucky) to spend with family and friends :)   

xx T


  1. I looooove this outfit!! I seriously might completely steal this entire look. Im off to buy some red jeans I think!!

  2. Ooooh bucket bags... If you get one keep a tight grip on it lest I steal it!

  3. Lovely pumps!! :D love the print! and the pants so cool!!



  4. perfect collage.. love this look x

  5. so glad you commented on a post of mine and i discovered the blog you two lovely ladies have :) Xo and those pants+bag+shoes=AMAZEE! i want/neeed LOL



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