The Great Gatsby: part 2

As we said in this post, we attended a Great Gatsby party on the weekend, and we had a lovely time!!
The men looked so dapper, it's a wonder they don't dress in bow ties or suits every day! (they'd sure get the ladies' attention)
The girls all looked so glamourous and exactly how I imagined Daisy from the novel.

T, S & our beautiful friend LG
See!! Don't they look dapper!
T's perfectly 1920s styled locks that her little brother helped with...can you believe?
Another perfectly curled mop
And of course, the birthday boy!! (with his lady folk)
Thanks to my PX for the wonderful photography.

Also, coincidencentally, the online magazine that we featured last week has a page featuring Daisy's (one of the main characters in The Great Gatsby) style!!

Oh to be born in the olden days...

xx S&T


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