Major Dilemma!!

I almost deleted this email on Sunday after absent-mindedly signing up the week before for THE OUTNET's 2nd birthday sale!! 

What's that?  Designer goodies for a mere 2-quid?  
Perfect for my dwindling bank account - I am tres excited!!!

The conundrum now is:
1. How to do regular clandestine email-checks whilst I'm on the wards tomorrow without getting yelled at?
2. What on earth shall I get??

Last year, S (on the left) managed to get to their £1 sale before everything sold out and she snagged this Burberry Prorsum dress!!  Perhaps I'll follow in her foot-steps and get my med-dinner dress sorted out too :)

Wish me luck!
xx T

1 comment:

  1. wow you have luck you didn't delete it :D
    good luck!


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