Salvatore Ferragamo

There are some items of clothing, expensive as they are, that are just worth the money. Not only would they last longer, but you'd wear them more and not need any alternatives!

Items I consider in this category, but have nowhere near enough money for:
- Ferragamo flats
- Burberry beige trench
- Louboutin patent black pumps

Who knows- by the time we have enough money for any of these, our priorities are likely to have changed...but hopefully we will still have a little left over for a treat!

xx S&T

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  1. I have some Ferragamo "Vara's" and they were such a good buy. Every now and then they come up on Etsy for a great price so keep looking! I want a burberry trench big time too. Maybe when I publish my first book, haha.


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