T's end-of-crappy-week shopping round-up

Had a pretty sucky week, which resulted in me going on a mid-week pre-assessment shop with S where I made use of the 30% member's discount for Witchery.  More snuggly wool for the upcoming cool weather!

Today at work it was also pretty hectic, and I finished at 11am which meant I was far too late to pick up anything good at the Bindaring Red Cross jumble-sale at the Claremont Show-grounds. :(
(come join us in a 7am camp-out next year - we'll remember to remind you all about it next time!  I should really be more organised and stop neglecting the blog due to assignments...)

Anyway, I was sad that I missed the sale, so I took a trip to Mt Hawthorn to scout out 2nd Time Around - a designer-recycling boutique.  SERIOUSLY COOL - you should check it out if you haven't already been!  Little tip though - there are slim pickings if you're a size 6, but if you're a size 10 and up it is a treasure trove :)  I found a long-awaited replacement blazer by PinClove - it's so warm!

I also decided to pop into the Salvos down the road - it's a neat little shop with not too much stock, but enough to keep the regular-thrifter amused.  I couldn't resist some Guess denim shorts which were $3 thanks to the colour of the week discount ;) (the lady also told me that if you go into Salvos on a Wednesday and show your student card, you get 20% off everything - woooo!!)

Enough talk - more loot:
Witchery jumper, Guess denim shorts, PinClove blazer

Let's hope the upcoming week isn't so bad.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  

xx T

P.S. Stay tuned for S's loot-shoot of her Bindaring Red Cross buys!





  2. Gosh darn it, you are sooo freaking hot! You are the prettiest model ever!!!

  3. Oh there is nothing better than a big shop after a terrible week! I actually did the same on Thursday... I think knits are the ultimate buy because they are sooo snuggly!
    All of your buys are beautiful! The blazer is hot!

    love love love!


  4. Tricia you look amazing!!!! Sooooo stunning, and that jumper is gorgeous

  5. Great look - and your sunglasses are awesome! X

  6. that knit is gorgeous hun xxx

  7. looking so stylish and chic! love it for winter!

  8. lookin wonderful hun! cant say no to witchery :) xx

  9. You look really gorgeous in these shots! Nice treat for yourself lady xx

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