T & I are currently chilling in the library, like the cool kids we are...is anyone else out there sufffering close-to-exam-time-social-life-deficiency??

One of our friends discovered this movie and shared it on facebook a little while ago. It's such an enchanting short film - a collaboration between Walt Disney & Salvador Dali (famous for surrealism).

Tomorrow, as a reward for finishing a practical exam, I'm going to leave uni early (oh the scandal!) and try out my new point & shoot by taking some pictures of my weekend loot!! Half-price Gelare waffles might take place in there somewhere, too...
Keep your eye out!!
xx S&T

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  1. aaaaaaaaah i totally love this post
    the video is so amaing
    i always loved disney movies!!
    Hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same.

    Syriously in Fashion
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