Colour of the Season Contender...

Could daggy-school-uniform maroon have been transformed into Trendy-Winter-2011 maroon*? I don't know, but it sure is looking like a colour that I need/strongly desire to add to my wardrobe in the form of a chunky jumper or scarf or lipstick. Or a fluffy jacket, why not?!
*I think the hipsters among us would actually call the colour berry to avoid school uniform connotations.

T & I finished our first & last exam on Thursday and are now beginning a much-awaited week long holiday!! We have so many plans & hopefully some of them will be caught on camera for this little blog'o'ours :)

picture via honeypiefrog

The search continues for something maroon...

xx S

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  1. Ive found that this is definatley the colour this season, and even the plum maroon lipsticks. I think its all just beautiful.

    Nice to find another great perth blog <3


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