Clip-Clop Clogging

Last Thursday was our one and only exam for this semester!  And befitting such an occasion, completion of exam period called for a mandatory post-exam gift to myself!
Ever since I wandered into Gorman a couple of weeks ago, I had been eye-ing off their shoes - especially their sweet collection of clogs.  Even better was the fact that they were all on sale!  So I snaffled their last purple pair  ^_^ 

I wore them all day today in the city - they are one of the most comfortable pairs of heels I own.  So if you're still looking for a wooden-soled addition to your shoe collection, get yourself to Gorman quickly before they all run out!  

See how happy they make me?
Gorman clogs, Sportsgirl socks, Review skirt, Witchery jumper

Simon helped me with photos this time - so much easier than using a tripod and having to run back and forth to the camera.  Sammy my dog also decided to join in on the photos today (he's a seasoned poser as you can tell).

xx T

P.S. I got my hair cut today as well!  Finally after 5 months.  There'll be some photos soon :P


  1. I'm so jealous you're done with exams! love your outfit and those clogs are so cute :D

  2. They're so awesome! You look stunning as always :)


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