How to not be a Boring Daggy (Wannabe) Doctor!

Every night I have plans to put effort into my outfit the next day...and each morning these plans go out the window when I wake up late with no time to waste on such frivolous things as choosing an outfit.
6am is no time to think about trendiness, let me tell you.

So to help both of us (T&S), I have put together a collection of easy non-time-consuming ways to make a black-pants+boring-top combination more fun.

1. Change the colour of your pants
It may be advisable to match your non-black pants with a more subtle shade up top to avoid being picked on in tutorials. Hey you! Girl with the ridiculous outfit! Answer this impossible question!

2. Tuck your boring shirt & jumper combination into a skirt. 
Add a belt on running-on-time days. Add tights when it's cold.

3. Make your tops interesting or whacky.
A whacky top de-boring-ifies black pants (for anyone who defies Step 1)

4. Invest in a smart dress.
A smart tailored dress (think Cue or Portmans) is an angel from above in the mad dash to get out of the house in the morning.  Dress + shoes = 1 minute to get dressed... it almost makes me want to go back to school.  Almost.

5. Choose a colour and stick to it.
This is definitely one for a morning running ahead of schedule. Try not to end up looking like a giant piece of tomato... or a blueberry... or worse, excrement. Brown on brown is never a good look.
all pictures from brigadierochoc

xx S&T


  1. I will try this next time I have my anatomy class..... normally I just wear hoodie, trackies, sneakers (since we need shoes in the labs) but generally I have no time ever!

  2. Great outfits and lovely pics!!! color, color, color..love it.

    <3 Marina


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