T&S' Holiday Adventures: Blogger's Night at Deville's Pad

On Saturday night, we went out with some fellow Perth bloggers to Deville's Pad and had so much fun!  It was definitely a way to end our week of holidays :)
Please excuse my lack of people-pictures - I got a bit carried away taking photos of random things in the bar (which was decked out like a cavern, complete with a volcano).  

However, I did take some videos so expect that to be up very soon - after I find some suitable Elvis music to go with it!

The super cool camera of Kaye of Fickle Sense
Ally (The Vintage Valley) and Kaye (Fickle Sense)
T & Alexis of Amgoorie
A go-go dancer to give that 70's vibe
The Burger Kings - playing some Elvis tunes to get the crowd going
Check out those creepers!!

Thanks girls for such an awesome night!  We'll have to make sure we catch up again soon!

Bloggers who made the night fantastic:
 xx S & T

P.S. Stay tuned for that video soon! And check out amgoorie & ficklesense (above) for more photos!


  1. Holy bejesus my hair is orange :-| hahah

  2. these pics are awesome!!!!!(i may steal some haha) was such a fun night :) good to see you two ladies..cant wait to see the video X

  3. oh what glorious photos! looks like you girly, girls had a magnificent night! soooo jealous!

    Bet you girls were the best dressed ones there!

  4. Feel free to steal Ally!!

    We may not have been the best dressed but we were by faaaar the youngest!!


  5. Loveee this, these pictures are just too beautiful!

  6. what a lovely event!!!
    you must have had an amazing time!
    beautiful faces too :) great photos dear!

  7. These photos are great!! Im stealing. No maybes... I'm doing it. I really wish my photos looked as cool as my "storm trooper" camera does... errgh. Trish you have the photo thing down pat!! I must practice. Hopefully see you girls again veeery soon!!



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