Public Health & Safety Announcement!!

As we are heading into Winter, LeFanciulle would like to advise you that there is a new epidemic arising...

It is the wearing-no-pants epidemic!!!
(Beware! It seems highly contagious)

FAQ about this horrible condition:

1. What are the symptoms of the W-N-P phenomenon?
There is one major symptom. It is wearing pants that are of the stretchy variety, elasticated around the waist and tight to the ankle. Associated symptoms include VPL (look it up), the dreaded toe of the camel (don't look that up), visible underwear patterns and so forth.

2. Who is at risk!?
Studies show that those who wear denim knickers in Summer are most susceptible to this disease.
Also very vulnerable are fashionistas who enjoy the shorts & Uggs combination.

3. How can we gain immunity?
If you feel the symptoms beginning, read our post here and follow the steps.
If you feel your bottom getting chills, then it is definitely time to see someone.
Seek expert advice.

4. Are there any serious complications?
There is a lack of data on this topic, but here at LeFanciulle we believe there are several.
-blindness for people who come in contact with the diseased
- social decline for sufferers of the disease
- extinction of the mighty legging who, when worn properly, is a stylish essential in any wardrobe

Glad to be of service.
Be warned! It is out there!

xx S&T


  1. LOL...this is a great post...and eewwww...what the heck was she thinking seriously?!!!

    <3 Marina

  2. haha, i was a few months ago in england and i saw a lot of girls there dressing like this, horrible :)


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