T&S' Holiday Adventures: Entry #1

This is episode 1 in the Diary of T&S' mid-semester holidays (which - mind you - is only 1 week long).  This afternoon, after a hard morning of sitting on babies (S) and lazing about the house (T), we embarked on a wild whirlwind rampage around Perth.

Items on the agenda:
- Op shop scouting (sadly unproductive)
- DIY equipment collecting at the hardware (look out for that post!)
- Wool shopping (another post is brewing...)
- Party research (Two 21st coming up!!)
- Eating, which is what we do best.

Trusty Dome lemon-lime brulee & coffee

Of course, we fit in a few photos here and there for you lovely people as well, in front of this shmancy background.

Stay tuned for the full outfit posts tomorrow!

xx S&T


  1. I'm so jealous that you're already on holiday! My last exam's on the very last day of exams. ugh!

  2. Thanks Aliya!
    (although I wouldn't be jealous of 3 exams on one day followed by a whopping one week of holidays before our next rotation hahaha)


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