T&S' Holiday Adventures: Warm & Cosy

An ambitiously early (by holiday standards) trip to Ikea yesterday morning required a cosy outfit for braving the rain.  I have learnt my lesson wearing ballet flats in wet weather, so boots it was!!

T & I both took photos but you'll have to wait for hers!
Thrifted wool jumper, Saba scarf & Nobody jeans (thanks P), Boots from Europe travels, Asos bag
Rain-proof boots; they seem to only make these in Europe.
Random chemist nailpolish in Lilac.

If you have never tried the Ikea Daim chocolate, you must do so soon!! It is an experience not to be missed. After you do that, try the Daim chocolate slice they sell in the food hall. Mmmm.

Now I know how much guts it takes to do a solo outfit post.  Respect to bloggers who do this every day!

Coming up for the holidays: finish birthday invitations, DIY some exciting projects, cook & eat delicious food...  and yes, T, I will get around to clashing red & pink soon!!

xx S


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