Copy Cat

There is a fine line between a garment that is inspired by a certain designer and one that is blatantly copied, but when you can barely pick any differences between the two, that's when you smell a rat.

While we'd love to be able to afford the real deal, it's not to say we are immune to buying the cheaper versions ourselves!!

We will continue on our crusade of spot the copied/verystronglyinspiredpiece.

xx S&T


  1. i'm conflicted about how i feel about copies. As long as they aren't blatant rip offs that are pretending to be the real thing i guess its ok...for example the jc mariels is an affordable option to the d&g's. But an imitation prada bag that actually intends to be the real thing...a big no no!

  2. I am with you Chow - I don't mind affordable options that look like the real thing, from independent brands. It is when you have all those people over in Bali etc plastering imitation bags with the D&G logo (or whatever brand they choose) that it becomes harmful to businesses

  3. I agree with you girls- the process of trends filtering down from high fashion to high street is how it is supposed to work. But sometimes it is so close the original that I wonder how they get away with it!!
    xx S

  4. I'm the budget girl and don't think I could ever afford the real thing when it comes to shoes or handbags!! so the clones are good enough for me.

    <3 Marina

  5. they look almost identical! but it's also true that the original designs are pretty classic. I don't mind reinterpretations of designers' styles :)


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  6. Legally a copy-cat designer only has to change 10% of the design of a particular garment in order to avoid copyright. 10% can be the particular shade of the colour, the size of the heel, the length of the strap on the bag or something equally as minimal in terms of design. It's a pretty crazy legal environment and makes the fashion industry the equivalent of the copyright wild wild west! Trends is one thing, but blatant rip-offs seems unfair to me.

  7. definitely agree with all you guys, when its a cheeper homage It can be accepted, however it is a fine line between the two, as with your examples above, the jc's and the wittners I get and like, but the whitchery bag I find tacky and a blatant rip off. Despite the fact I still like it, I would be very hesitant to buy.


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