Flirty Fifties

A while ago we posted here with ideas for a themed party and once more we need some inspiration! This time it's the 1950s, my favourite era in style.

For the ladies..

1950s ladies liked teeny tiny waists and either very full or very narrow skirts.
Strictly no pants allowed, unless doing casual sporting activities!

Stilettos had only just been invented, so were naturally very popular!! Although ballet flats with little white socks were also worn.

And don't forget scarves knotted around your neck, gloves & red lipstick!

My little Audrey might inspire you here.

For the lads...

Well, just turn up looking dapper and it should do the trick.

xx S&T



  1. Ooo I adore fifties fashion. I had a swing-era (late thirties/forties) themed 21st in Singapore and loved seeing everyone's outfits. Would love to attend a fifties themed night (hint, hint!) :)


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