Currently Craving: The Midi

One advantage of being giraffe tall is that you have the potential to carry off a midi skirt without back-breaking heels. Asos has such a good selection of midis if you like the look.

Get them here and here and here.

Or alternatively, you could try your luck hitting up some op shops.

My success so far:

Country Road wool midi skirt
Sheer midi skirt
Cream wool midi skirt (kind of approaching 7/8)

I have to admit though...I'm yet to wear any of them successfully, but will be sure to show you when I do!!

xx S

1 comment:

  1. Wow you've had pretty good luck op-shopping! Loving the cream skirt!

    I'm having a teensy giveaway on my blog at the moment so feel free to hop over there! xx



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