Make mine a Mulberry!

Was doing a bit of blog-reading and stumbled upon Mulberry's Fall 2011 Campaign on Le Blog de Sushi, the blog of a very cute Australian girl - very worth checking out!

Thanks to the cold week we've just had here in Perth, I'm super keen on getting into some crochet/knitting on again to make a big-ass scarf, just like the one on the left in the first photo.  Complete with the dinky pom-poms.  Of course, by the time I'll be finished, it'll be Christmas.  But that's ok, because both of us are likely to be going to China in the new year!!  Woooo!

Lap up the visual feast, foxy ladies (and men, who read this blog):

... and see the rest of the campaign here (thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue)


Watch the (ever-so-slightly creepy) video here:

Featuring that animal song again that was stuck in my head all through April.

xx T&S

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