This video (which I found on another West Aussie's blog, Love Thy Muse):

1. Reminds me of riding around like a hoon whilst trying to take photos on the streets of Himeji (home of a giant castle of the same name in Japan)

2. Makes me want to dig mum's retro bike out of the shed and hoon around on the streets of Perth.  Although of course I'd have to wear a helmet, which would ruin the hotness of the look.  Bah!


I found this video:

Which now makes me want to spend my earnings at Gorman, cover mum's bike with polka-dots, and ride around on a golf-course with a stuffed duck like a lunatic.  Don't deny it - you know it'd be fun.
Oh and she's wearing those crazy printed pants (@ 1:30) which I have dubbed the "happy pants" and would like to own.  Hint hint.

Ride on!
xx T

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