Winter Warmers

Today was the perfect day day to lie in bed, hit snooze (or have no alarm) and read or craft all day next to the fire cuddled up with your kittens or whatever tickles your fancy.

 What a pity I had to be up at 5.30am and spent the day with inverting umbrellas, cancelled classes & being splashed by passing cars. After a mini melt down and some wise advice from Mr P ("Don't be sad! At least you didn't have a total colectomy & get a stoma! Cheer up!"), I finally got home and self-medicated with fruity toast and a chai latte.

Do you like my new birthday mug?

This was soon followed by some lazing about the house, knitting and doing other things that prematurely ageing girls like to do!

xx S

PS: Next Monday, I'm going to keep this in mind:
via weheartit


  1. that's so cute! Myday <3

  2. mmm toast and tea - love! and love that quote thingy i blogged sometime ago too ;) xx



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