Currently Craving: A Casual Classic

For a girl who classes ballet flats as 'walking shoes', my current shoe craving is highly peculiar.  Maybe it's a sign of getting old (21 is so old!) that I want more sensible and comfortable shoes!

Some white converse sneakers would be a welcome addition to my 'shoedrobe' and would give those poor old black flats a break! Now just to find somewhere that stocks them, as I have never had an eye out for them before! Anyone know any online stockists?
Photos from TheSartorialist & WeHeartIt

xx S


  1. I bought some white converse and ended up just giving them to my sister! People make wearing them look so easy, but I have no idea what I'd pair them with!

    Ivory x

  2. Just love the last photo oh how romantic. I really love we heart it. By the way yes, I am a Perth blogger. x Pae Bunny hop

  3. I love sneakers, great to see some stylish ways to wear them, especially with dresses! It's something I have been struggling over for years...


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