Stark Contrast

The other day when i zipped past Saba, I saw an awesome silk shirt in the window.  It was white with a black collar, and reminded me so much of those darn Equipment shirts!  Unfortunately, I have to save the bucks for Simon's birthday and our end-of-year trip, so forking out $200 on it was not going to happen.


(I couldn't be bothered taking a screen-shot of the Saba shirt, but here are those drool-worthy washed silk Equipment shirts - the 'Sophie' on the left, and the 'Brett' on the right.  Images from Net-A-Porter)

To add more insult to the injury, ASOS couldn't help me out either - they sold out!  Although I do like the way they styled their version; plain and simple with some black shorts and pumps.

So out of desperation I trawled through the thousands of shirts at YesStyle... 

And they had not only one, but more than five different styles!  *hooray*
No long-sleeves though, because they didn't seem to have any on there, apart from one which had some extra chest-flaps which I wasn't partial to.  Nonetheless, in conclusion, I couldn't decide which one to get, so I got the two shown below.  Woop! 

Now to play the waiting game with the post-man.

xx T


  1. Yay! Another online shopping website to check out :)


  2. How crazy is that Yesstyle website? It has so many things and out of all the people who showed me - it was my lil bro who bought some pants off it.

    Heidy x

  3. Hi!
    Do you have the link to the short sleeve blouse with the peter pan collar? I have searched their site and can't locate!


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