Finding New Colours

One of the most exciting things about trying new outfits has to be trying new colour combinations.  In fact, all of the challenges that T & I have issued to each other have been to do with colour.

This picture below from All the Pretty Birds prompted me to mix mustard with denim & although I'm not entirely satisfied with my result so far, no harm in showing you!
Left: picture from AllthePrettyBirds
Right: thrifted skirt, shirt & belt

I think the colour of her skirt is actually chartreuse... what a ridiculous name for a colour, by the way.  On the topic of that colour, I have been on a recent chartreuse-buying rampage, so hopefully you will be seeing more of it!

In other news, today was the second day back at uni for us...  Boo hoo!!

xx S

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  1. Hmm I always wondered what colour "chartreuse" was and now I know! I really like your thrifted skirt. PS - I'm so jealous you're going to Aelkemi. (i think i spelt that wrong oops) I'm not sure what I'll be going to at fashion week but hope to see you both there xx


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