Colour of the Month: October

Pink is definitely a colour that divides the crowd - baby pink suits few, dusty pink even fewer & salmon pink should go and hide in the wardrobe under the stairs.  But HOT PINK - now there's a shade I think we can all agree on.

With this Spring/Summer season being huge on brights & colour blocking, hot pink is a colour that can easily go with other brights to complete the look!  Case in point:

Spring Brights

Want to emulate this look with some affordable wedges?
These ones from Styletread would do the trick & are being put on my Summer list.  At only $69.95, maybe they can become one of my running-goal-rewards? (more on that another day)

Aqua also looks so good with hot pink & the leather accessories definitely tone down the I-dress-like-I'm-having-a-manic-episode vibe.

These bright colours are making me way too excited for Summer and lazing by the pool, having picnics, eating watermelon...  For some more shoe-spiration for the coming season, StyleTread have heaps of bright colour blocking shoes.  A few of my favourites: here, here and here:

xx S

This post is an entry into StyleTread's Truckload of Shoes competition.  I like to think that if I won the truckload, I'd have enough shoes to colour block for the rest of my life!!


  1. I'm not big on the color pink, but i love these pieces! :) Good luck with the competition!


  2. i have so tempted to buy those middle green n blue shoes!!! love all the pics


  3. love this colour of the month theme! hot pink is <3


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