Med Dinner 2011

On Saturday it was kind of our last hurrah before beginning the hibernation we call exam time!  The 2011 Medical Ball definitely lived up to expectations and we had an absolute ball! (oh ho ho, I am so funny)

T documented the night on her iPhone (if you hadn't already seen via our Twitter and Instagram accounts), choosing to leave the bulky DSLR at home for once! 
T going from sea-monster to producing a crazily voluminous up-do.
Our stunning friend Sinead in the middle, flanked by us.
Of course, the night was a celebration of the graduating class of this year.  Congratulations for making it through guys!

We couldn't omit a picture of our friend S in her amazing dress that looked even better in person!
(Fingers crossed we can find the pictures of Sinead & T that the STM guy took!!)

Photo thanks to PX

In true S&T style, we both arrived to pre-drinks half dressed (and of course T was very late...).  S with the little clip-above-the-zip undone & T sans lipstick... but these were both quickly rectified with some team work!

xx S&T


  1. Such a fantastic night! :)

    As I've said about a thousand times - and will KEEP ON SAYING 'cause it's true - you two looked absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Naww you all look so beautiful! Where are the full length posy shots? haha

  3. Haha you'll have to wait a bit more for that - we've got too many posts lined up already, so full-body posing pics will have to be side-lined for a bit :P

  4. You all looked absolutely stunning! Loved that last shot - very classy and natural at the same time.

    If you don't mind me asking, what brand was your friend Sinead's dress? And where did she get it from? It's so gorgeous and I was hoping to check it out for my Year 12 Ball next year :)

    1. Hi Evangeline,

      Thanks for your lovely comment :)

      Sinead's dress was Ruth Tarvydas, but I'm not sure how much luck you'd have finding it still because this post was from last year! However, if you're from Perth you could check out Tarvydas' boutique on King St (which is having a relocation sale as well) to see if it's there or perhaps a similar style :)

      Steph xx

  5. Thanks so much for your help! I'm a fellow Perthian so I'll definitely check out the Ruth Tarvydas boutique on King St.

    Hope your study and exams are going well! :)


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