Mad Men Enex100 Exhibition

I strategically went to Enex100 after all the shops had closed on Saturday - 1. mainly to prevent myself from buying anything; and 2. to have free photographic reign of the small exhibition of costumes on display.

Enex100 is currently displaying a selection of costumes from Mad Men, curated by the show's costume designer Janie Bryant.  It's one of those television series which has been sitting on my "to watch" list for quite a while now, and in a couple of weeks I'll be able to get into it!

Sorry for the majority of head-shots and torso-shots; the outfits were so meticulously put together and I'd have loved to have captured the whole thing for most of them, but thanks a major time restriction of 10 mins to shoot in, and the shiny glass barrier which was riddled with grubby finger-prints, I hardly even thought about trying shoot well through the glass.

Anyway, enjoy the photos!


Each outfit was so "finished" - down to the jewellery, shoes and other accessories.   

This pen necklace is so cute! It would definitely compliment our perhaps geek-chic style ;)

S's favourite dress of the exhibition. 
(S hijacking here: I actually have a half-made dress from similar material... holiday project for sure!)

The cutest little Mad Men barbie dolls!

The exhibition is pretty cool if you haven't made it down to Enex100 yet, but don't forget to pop in soon since it's only on display for one more week.

Back to the books... only 12 days to go!!

xx T


  1. Amazing photos! So envious that you got to see the clothes in person!

  2. Wow! All photos are really fantastic! Thanks for sharing this items with us! :)

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  3. I checked this out recently and S's fave dress is also my favourite!

    I also love the blue suit that Pete wears. He's just so easy to love/hate! x

  4. Great pics! Congrat.
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