The Life & Times.

In case you're curious, the last week or few has been extremely studious.  The life & times of S & T have been reduced to study, eat, sleep, fooooood and other basic human necessities.

I suppose, though, there have been a few glimmers of fun amongst the horror of it all.  Like... dashing to op shops for study breaks, parcels in the mail, lots of tea, food, a new phone (!!) and of course finishing our first & worst exam today.

You might be able to tell I've been going Instagram-crazy!  Or you may have already noticed on twitter!


Post-first-exam celebrations above:
- Food (this post has been so food centred!)
- Some bright nail polish colours to celebrate the end of bare-nails
- Nails polished & debuting a leather purse from Salamanca
- New birthday Mimco hair clip for a dinner outing (food again!)

xx S


  1. Salamanca - one of the most beautiful places on Earth!!! glad to see you've been keeping somewhat sane during exams, S

    i can't wait for them to be over so we can get back to real blogging again.

  2. That purse is amazing!

  3. Love these photos!
    really enjoyed browsing through your blog - well done, ladies!
    Cheers from Sydney

  4. Instagram is so addicting! Love the purse, the food and the clothes!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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