Tutti Frutti!

Got bored writing about creaky broken knees and hips, so I quickly popped onto the Gorman online shop to see their new Summer offerings.  Which are, as expected, pretty darn wicked.  Now it's no big surprise that S and I both enjoy a bit of Gorman's distinctly Melbourn-ian flavour (see our other tributes to Gorman here), and it's no exception with their latest arrivals, which are indeed a bit kooky but cool.

Enter the tutti frutti print - fashioned into a tee, pant, skirt, dress, shirt, jacket, and even shoes!  A new crazy-print pant to incorporate into my wardrobe perhaps?  It's no secret (or maybe it is) that the cut of their pants is quite the bomb - they suck you in in all the right places (no need for control-tops here).  

I'm also admiring quite a lot of their current collection, which you can purchase online with free shipping!  Below are my favourite picks:

All stock available here

Gorman is releasing their swimwear collection soon as well, which you can see here as well.  (it's pretty swell!)

Also, today they're having a 20% off sale!!! (online and in-store)

Bring on summer already!
xx T



  1. I've always wanted to wear an outfit made out of the sme fabric and pattern. I think I would look semi crazy, but in my head I'd be rocking it.


  2. Oh I need one of those fruit pieces in my life! Also loving so hard on the leopard dress. And basically everything else...


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