Bare Necessities

Seeing other bloggers' make up posts always interest me, because with so many products on the market beauty-wise, it's impossible to try them all. Recommendations are definitely the way to go. Now I'm no beauty connoisseur (no way Jose, far from it!) but I'm sure you love a good ramble.

Clinique moisturiser (Moisture Surge) & Foundation (anti-blemish solutions):
After many a bad experience with mean makeup counter bullies (especially YOU clinique!) I have changed to buying my Clinique products online at StrawberryNet when the colour is in stock or when here is a Gift-With-Purchase deal on. The foundation gives good coverage with no cakey-ness and comes in a nice light colour for wee Irish lasses with fair skin, as S(inead)  & I both well know.

Napoleon Brushes
I must admit these were a birthday gift- I could never afford such lovely brushes!
Good quality akeup brushes definitely make applying makeup more fun & precise, and I have been told by Miss R that Eco Tools is not a bad brand for a kiddies with no money (i.e. me) to look into.

Chanel eye palette
SOO GOOOD!!! Makes doing smoky eyes so much easier when you have all the ingredients in one little box. 
(If you want to watch how not to do smoky eye makeup, watch this hilarious video)

A watch??! What is that doing there. It was feeling left out, the poor sod.

Hourglass Aura Lip Stain in Flush
I read ZERO reviews before a trip to Mecca on the day of the ball to buy a lip stain & although it is definitely one of my biggest makeup splurges, it has been well worth the money. I don't find it drying at all & can be worn single-layered for day or quintuple-layered for night.

Do any of you use any products you swear by or strongly recommend? Makeup shopping is a wee little addiction hobby of mine.

xx S


  1. i like this post!


  2. I love my Revlon photoready foundation, makes my skin look flawless. <3 Dior lip maximizer is another favorite, my lips are addicted to it. If you're into bronzer, Benefit hoola is by far the best. :P

  3. Ohhh, me too! I love shopping for makeup. lol. Currently on restraining order till I use up some stuffs. I'm currently using Clinique's foundation too, love the coverage and how it's still feels light on the skin. Have u tried their airbrush concealer? Amazing product to cover the under eye rings. I swear my mac fluidline too. Love this eyeliner to bits.

    Fang Ting

  4. Woo beauty post! What do you think of the lip stain as opposed to lip stick? I've never used lip stain before!

    Heh, I know that feeling of "needing" makeup just before the ball, I did that too with a mini-haul of MAC... been thinking about doing a beauty post but I feel so underqualified to talk about makeup despite owning so much... heheh

  5. @ftfashion totally understand the restraining order business haha!! I'm on a clothing restraining order at the moment.

    @sab- you so are qualified!!! What are you taking about!! I'm waiting for a beauty post from you now!!

    Xx S

  6. I love makeup shopping and reading other people's reviews...that chanel palette looks amazing!

  7. It's probably my fav kind of shopping, then I find out it's $33 for one colour of MAC eyeshadow and I get sad..... Sucks being a student!!!


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