Bright Sunny Day

A few odd bod shots of the brightest things (shield your eyes!) I could find around the place & what the house of S generally gets up to on a warm & sunny Saturday.  It's pretty surprising that there aren't any food shots in the mix - maybe because it's eaten so fast I didn't have time to take a photo?

By the way - REJOICE because it is finally sunny in Perth.  Huzzah!
Most recent braided bracelet loot. Fear not- they were not worn all at one, just for the pic!
Psyching myself up to wear this shocking colour combination.
Some clever little kiddies reside in my house!
Comfy bright casual outfit for work.
Magazines going begging!  Any takers?
New loot shoot spot... on the new roof deck.

HULLO to our newest followers & thank you for your lovely comments on the posts.
Hope you don't mind the random photo bombardment!

We have plenty in store for you coming up... think DIYs, outfit posts, loot shoots & more.  Holidays have sent us blog-crazy!

xx S

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  1. Fear not, the bracelets don't look too bad together! I wonder how you're liking the NYC nail polish?

  2. lovely photos! I like them! :)

  3. I LIKE all of those bracelets together. I also like your green and yellow outfit... hazahh! Another great le fanciulle post xx

  4. love all the colors in this post:)

  5. that yellow knit is increds!! how nice was the sunshine this weekend! huzzah!

  6. Love these photos! They definitely brighten up my dark gloomy days during winter!

    Fang Ting


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