DIY Wrap Bracelets

More beading!  The lack of study and structure to my day has driven me to finding things to do to occupy my time in a productive fashion.  I swear, the next step will be whipping out mum's sewing machine and mauling a few things.

For now, however, a quick DIY wrap bracelet that I made for my two besties, S and S(inead).  No, I haven't given the bracelets to them yet, but they'll have them in their hot little hands soon.
Add it to a wrap-around arm party with something like this and you've got yourself... a... uh... hmm.  No puns come to mind, but you get the drift.  It'd look cool.

(P.S. much cheaper than the $18 version from Pigeonhole...)

DIY Plaited Bead Wrap Bracelet

Step 1: 
Find yourself some cord.  Can be whatever - just make sure it's thin enough to jam some beads or stuff on.  I cut mine into 3 lengths of about 50cm, then tied them together 2 inches from one end.  Since my cord was prone to fraying, I also sticky-taped the ends (it makes it so much easier to thread beads on).

Step 2: 
Get something you want to thread onto the cord.  I used tiny gold jump rings for this one, but I also made some with beads.  It would look pretty awesome with some gold hex-nuts or washers!  Thread a whole heap of them onto each strand.

Step 3: 
Secure the end onto something and start plaiting, incorporating a jump ring/bead/etc at regular intervals.  I did mine on one side only, every second plait.

Step 4: 
Tie the strands together, then tie off the ends.


Idiot-proof.  Until it comes to figuring out how to tie it on.
xx T

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  1. Trish I LOVE your DIYs! as soon as I have spare time, I will seriously be getting into it :)

  2. This looks really good! And with the jump rings on, you could easily attach charms if you wanted to :)

  3. Nice!

    I would try to use bolder rings :)


  4. lovely as usual!! :)

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  5. Love this - I spent a lot of money on a piece just like this last year, if only I had waited - yours is MUCH better xxx


  6. This will be project no. 104 I need to get started on soon!

  7. Great idea! Perfect gifts for xmas! :]

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  9. This looks so pretty! My mind is telling me to study but my head is chanting "DIY DIY DIY" :/ hahaha

  10. FANTASTIC ! I love your blog more and more !

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