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Wondering what's in the bag?

Read on!!
(*hint*hint* - it's sparkly!)

Meet Alushia-Sanchia, the lady behind the beautiful jewellery line of the same name.
(No, she wasn't hiding in the bag)

S & I were surprised by an email that dropped into our inbox a couple of months ago regarding a competition on Oracle Fox that I had entered, informing us that we had won a voucher for Alushia-Sanchia Jewellery.  Things got lost somewhere in translation, but we were eventually able to meet up with Alushia herself to banter about her work and inspirations, after the realisation that she lived only a couple of streets away from S!

Alushia's Native American inspired pieces in her Spring-Summer collection feature intricate resin inlays and ethically-sourced turquoise and black onyx.  As she said, it's not a beautiful business, but it can be done beautifully.  (With the most beautiful results!  Continue scrolling...)

Checking out the display in her studio - pictures just don't do the pieces justice.
If you're a Perthian, head over to Zara Bryson or Varga Girl to see them in real life.  

Alushia explained to us some of the complexities in the process of turning one of her designs into reality.  Let's just say that it is not as easy as drawing a picture and sending it off to the magical jewellery-makers.
Of course, Alushia has had years of experience behind her, having studied it in Sydney.  With an inspired sense of imagination and a love for the technicality behind her work, it would be hard to imagine her collection to emerge any less stunning.

"I've always been obsessed with jewellery that does things..."

(So have I, which is why I chose the Pyramid Poison Ring)

Have we piqued your interest?

Head over here to see her collection (and perhaps pick up a few pieces), or head here to see her blog.

As I've mentioned before in a previous post, one of the most inspiring things for me is to see the connection behind an artist and their work.  With that, I'd like to give a huge thank you to Alushia for welcoming us into her home and sharing with us her motivation and passion for her art.

xx T


  1. Am in love with all of her pieces. So beautiful. Looks like I might have a big Christmas wish list this year! x

  2. What ever it is i love those leather 'packing')))0



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