Mad Hatter

I want a hat for summer.  Preferably a straw one, with some sort of brim.  Simon has a hand-woven straw hat like this, but it's an expensive collector's piece, so obviously I won't be borrowing that.

The hat-interest was sparked after the Beaufort Street Festival, where there were plenty of trendy hats abound.

Yup, even that dog has a trendier hat than me.  

Some temple-topping options:

Perhaps a classic fedora?

Or a floppy wide-brim?

Perhaps I should substitute a hat with a parasol?
Perhaps not, for the chance of looking like an absolute fob with an umbrella is very high.

Perhaps a cute boater?
This one is my favourite!

Alas, for now I'll have to stick to a dorky cap à la Dad until I find a woven-straw solution to my sun problems.  

Any suggestions, kind readers?

xx T



  1. I love you in a floppy wide brimmed one. That one at Myers looked so good on you!

    <3 Bec

  2. No suggestions but good luck! It's so hard to find a good hat, I look ridiculous in most of them. Positive hat finding thoughts are going your way :)

  3. i love the black and white hat!

    ciao from italy :)

  4. Dangerfield has a bunch of straw hats at the moment! A couple of fedora options and some floppy ones too if I recall correctly...

  5. boater for you, T!

  6. That parasol is fab, I would dye it pink I think! xo

  7. Anthropologie sale has the most stunning felted hats

  8. Two words for you. Op shops. They always have tonnnnns of straw hats at this time of year in all shapes and sizes. Also, I have quite a cute one that I was going to sell but you can just have it if you like. Let me know on twitter if you're coming to the blogger xmas do this Sunday and I can bring it! xx


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