DIY Vintage Dress De-Sleeving

You're going to have to believe me when I tell you this vintage dress came with daggy half-way-to-elbow-length sleeves that cut off all circulation to my hands!  Unfortunately I didn't take any before pictures, but I captured my little sister to take some after shots on the roof!

How to de-sleeve?

Cutting the sleeves off a vintage dress or top is a quick & easy way to modernise it.  I just unpicked the sleeve hem, hand stitched some bias tape onto the raw edge and finished it off by sewing the tape inside the sleeves.  After a quick iron, it's ready to wear!!

You are definitely best off looking up some proper instructions if you haven't sewn much before, but if you have any experience doing simple hemming & needle work, then this is definitely a quick job.

Vintage dress worn 
Asos leather sandals 
Thrifted straw hat & leather belt
Diva brooch (on hat) - bought for a costume party!

xx S

P.S.: If you're one of our tweeps or Instagram buddies, you'd have probably gotten jealous over the pretty pics of Tasmania that S keeps sending over.  She'll be back in a week, but I thought I'd post up one of her DIY projects, whilst I pine for her return!  



  1. nice! looks great. i did that to a dress i bought on sale, except i just cut the sleeves off with scissors and didn't bother hemming them... haha lazy


  2. Oooh good job! De-sleeving is one of my favourite pastimes haha

  3. Ohhhh ohhh ohhhh I have to say I just immediately fell in love with your blog!!
    Follow each other? :))


  4. Ohhh I love your shots on the roof! <3 Knowing how to sew is a talent. :)

  5. Very pretty and summery. I have so much vintage that needs altering but it's so expensive and I am no sewing machine guru! Glad you've got the skills to pay the cute dress bills! xx


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