STM Fashion Stage at the Beaufort Street Festival

Went to see the STM fashion parade at the Beaufort Street Festival yesterday, held at bamBOO at the Luxe Bar.  Styled by Claire Davies and Amanda Ashurst, it featured pieces available from many of Beaufort St's retailers (including Billie & Rose - you may recognise some of the outfits from here).  Funds are a bit prohibitive at the moment, but I have been dying to take a stroll down Beaufort St to stock up on my summer wardrobe.

Here's some of my shots from the 2pm show - apologies for the terrible colour, in part I blame the scorching sun (plus my hate of the sun, which makes me cranky and not in the mood for tweaking settings) and my less-than-perfect positioning (which resulted in me sitting on some gum, thus ruining my leather shorts!!  Argh!!!).  Quite a picture-heavy post nonetheless.  You were warned.

Excuses, excuses.  Oh well, let's start with some ready-to-wear

This Twenty Seven Names blouse is now on my want-but-don't-need list.

Cheap Monday sunglasses - not bad!  Might settle for these rather than blow a ton of money on those coveted Karen Walkers...

A bit of tuxedo-tailoring!  A nice touch for an LBD.

A close-up of that hair - something I think I'll try to beat those bits that fall out when I put my hair into a top-knot

Some swimwear:

Surprise!  The back of that blue tank has harness-like straps!

"Oh hello there!"

Finally some evening-ish wear (almost finished - I promise!)

I'm going to hazard a guess that the next manicure S tries will be yellow with orange accent nails

More harness-like backs

Leather, studs and slices of agate

My two favourite pieces above - a navy jumpsuit and that yellow dress.  I also want that coral lipstick!

Hope you didn't get a RSI from having to scroll down for so long.
More photos of the festivities happening on the street to come!

xx T

P.S. more photos of the parade here.  I should really start a facebook page for the blog...


  1. LOOOOVE that black and neon chunky choker! I must have it!!!

    Great post ladies, I wish I had've known this was on!


  2. love the outfits. the yellow dresses are amazing


  3. nice pictures!!!!!!lots of great styles!love the red pants one so badly!


  4. yellow dresses are my favorit too!

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    Guenda http://guendastoptoptips.blogspot.com/


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