Perth Fashion Festival: Day 3 - Billie & Rose

Ok, so PFF stuff has been dragging on for about a week now, but we promise - this is our last PFF-related post with our own photos!

I shot some runway pics at the Billie & Rose show after the Nikon Blogger's Workshop - it was great to put into practise some of the tips I had found online about shooting on the runway (i.e. you want a photo preferably with the model's two feet on the ground and arms by their side, whilst they're not blinking).  
Below are some of my favourite pieces from their collection:


A jacket/cape thing made entirely out of fringing??  Impractical but such a stand-out piece for me

Another cape - this time made out of lace:

Neutral tones

Teamed with purple lips

Something for the boys

Digital Print
These are my FAVOURITE looks from the show:

I never advocate tights as pants, but damn, those are some cool tights.

Bold frames

And of course, a bit of horsing around at the end!
Runway photos by meeeee!!

The great thing about the show was that many of the pieces were a reflection of current and up-and-coming trends (thing cut-outs, platform wedges, button-downs, crop-tops, etc).
I'd have to say that the show didn't break boundaries or push many limits, but the strength was that each look was effortlessly cool and the individual pieces themselves were likely to be a very wearable addition to the hip Perth youngster's wardrobe.

I might have to pay Billie & Rose a visit after exams to sort out my annual summer dilemma.
xx T

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