Weather for Leather

This quality over quantity business seriously kills the drive to shop very much, which in my case is a bonus as I have things to save up for.  However, I have decided what my next investment purchase shall be, in preparation for the winter months here in Australia.

I would like a leather jacket - but no ordinary piece of hide it shall be.  (It shall also not be pleather or vegie leather, whatever the hell that is.)  A cool cut or an awesome colour would do the trick, and lately I've been quite partial to wool sleeves...  And so the hunt begins.
My prediction is that ox-blood, blue and white leathers will be popping up all over the place following the trend from NYFW.  Of course, classic black leather jackets will always be around, so why not opt for a coloured option to add inject some eye-catching hues into your winter wear?

See below for some (affordable and not-so-affordable) inspiration:

Leather Post

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